Further than Facebook: Why You Should Diversify Your Social Media

As the largest online social network with well over a billion users, it’s safe to say the world is on Facebook. Any business would be foolish to not to join that community, or would they? Algorithms catering to interactions between families and friends have squeezed most of the business posts out of everyone’s News Feeds, and those that appear are often paid.

No Instagram Filters

On posts, that is. For now at least, Twitter and Instagram don’t filter the posts their users see. Businesses and individuals are treated as equals, and all posts are equal. Whereas Facebook is on a roll with new filters to determine the posts you get in your News Feed, other social media sites lack this filtering and are thus friendlier for businesses.

Different Media, Different Market

Not all Tweeters are addicted to Facebook, and not everyone on Google+ is LinkedIn. When considering your market reach you have two basic options: invest the time to find where your market is hanging out online, or try to keep all the balls in the air at the same time. Nowadays, the best way to handle social media campaigns, for businesses who can afford it, is to hire a Social Media Expert.