Five Things You Should Know About Digital Marketing

5. Words Aren’t Worth Their Weight

It is estimated that 65% of the population are visual learners, which means the majority of your digital market will learn more about your brand by the images you post than, and be able recognize you faster with an eye-catching brand image. They’ll like you more too; posts with images get an average of 53% more likes!

4. Email Is Still In The Game

The top 20 digital companies still rely heavily on email. Did you get your 200 holiday shopping emails from Amazon last December? Personalized promotional emails can multiply your revenue and transaction rates.

3. Mobile is Essential

Some marketing experts predict mobile marketing will soon be the heart of all campaigns. For now, marketing specifically to smartphone users should be a top priority, at the least.

2. Data Has The Answers

Where is your market? How many are you reaching? Data-based digital marketing has all the answers you need, and in real time. You can use data to decide where to allocate your resources and develop a more efficient marketing campaign than ever before.

1. Seamless and Fitted

Your digital marketing campaign should fit like a good undergarment — seamlessly. Users on all forms of social media, mobile devices, and anywhere on in digital media should be able to recognize your brand. The tone, style, and approach of your marketing should be as recognizable as your logo.

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