Originality Pays in Search Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary consideration for every competitive business in today’s market. In an effort to weed-out the copycat sites that offer little-to-no value for users, search engines have come up with some complicated (and uncompromising) algorithms to identify duplicate content. The only solution for legit websites who want to earn the highest rankings possible is 100% originality.

Nothing Duplicated, Nothing Lost

While it’s true that not all forms of duplicated content are going to lower your page ranking, it is a much better policy to focus on all original content. Start from scratch, rewrite new descriptions of the same items, take new photos, and come up with a unique design. This isn’t just a matter of avoiding plagiarism.

Build Your Brand, Not Your Keywords

Keywords can still help you be found, but building a strong brand will set you apart as an original site, which is great for rankings. Keyword areas are becoming saturated and keyword-focused pages are disappearing from search results. If you want to be strongly associated (in search engine terms) with your market, your services, or your products; you are better off building a strong brand through social media.

Digital Care Package can help streamline your site and get rid of the junk that could be holding you back, while simultaneously building your brand through Social Media and SEO.