About Us

Digital care Package includes a team of experienced Internet and marketing executives plus a group of young, Internet-savvy Americans who know how to maximize your presence in SEO, SEM, Social Media, PPC, PR, Web Design and much more.

Deciphering the Image

Imagine you and your competitor as the same image, made into a 100 piece puzzle. Both of you start with 10 puzzle pieces in the center — this is your website. A website alone is only 10% — not enough to decipher the image. Building up your social media platform is like finding the corner pieces. Where do you compare to your competition? Is their image visible throughout the market? Is yours?

When you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place a clear image of your brand is visible throughout the digital market. Website integration, SEO, social media reach, targeted advertising and PR come together to create visibility and interaction that engages people with your brand. This is the puzzle Digital Care Package will build for you.


Seeding the Results

We teach our clients to think of the first three months as “Seed Planting.” We are virtually planting the seeds of their business that will grow dramatically over a year’s time and continue to grow into the future of their company. Our services are not a quick fix; our marketing solutions are for businesses and individuals interested in long-term growth.


Tracking Your Growth

We are able to understand the needs of a company who doesn’t know where to go with all this Internet stuff. We focus on taking the necessary steps to build your digital presence. For us, it’s all about results. We track and report everything we do; we have meetings and we keep our clients informed. We take all the things we know are working and we use that to build a strategy specifically for you.